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Eva Parra Membrives, Miguel Ángel García Peinado, Albrecht Classen

Aspects of Literary Translation

Building Linguistic and Cultural Bridge in Past and Present

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This first issue of the new book series Translation,Text and Interferences publishes papers dealing with a variety of topics focused on translation issues from the Middle Ages until today, illustrating the variety and complexity that emerge in all translation efforts throughout time. The contributors discuss literary and technical translations in the past and the present, including those by English,Spanish, German, and French authors. The present collection of articles should serve as a platform for current work within the framework of literary translation and its application to teaching both undergraduate and graduate students.



Artikelnummer 16708
Isbn 978-3-8233-6708-6
Reihe Translation, Text and Interferences
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Erscheinungstermin 04.04.2012
Verlag Gunter Narr Verlag
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