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Punctuation as a Means of Medium-Dependent Presentation Structure in English

Exploring the Guide Functions of Punctuation

Autor: Sebastian Patt
Reihe: Language in Performance
Band-Nr.: 47
Erscheinungstermin: 24.04.2013
ISBN: 978-3-8233-6753-6
Artikel-Nr.: 16753
Seiten: 307
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Erscheinungstermin: 24.04.2013

Sprachwissenschaften | Anglistik | Deskriptive Linguistik | Language in Performance (LIP) | Neuerscheinungen | Patt, Sebastian | April 2013 |
punctuation usage, Englisch, English, Interpunktion

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Despite its everyday relevance, the reputation of punctuation is tarnished. Actually, modern English punctuation is often considered not more than a necessary evil. For many people, punctuation usage follows seemingly arbitrary and unmotivated rules. The present approach moves away from a static, rule-based description towards a more dynamic, context-based interpretation of punctuation. Punctuation is a highly versatile medium-dependent means of presentational choice. To accept this view is to take a significant step towards closing the gap that still exists between punctuational theory and the actual usage of punctuation. Punctuation adopts a guiding role for the reader and the present study explores this guide potential, providing a thorough analysis of both the linguistic status and the communicative value of punctuation.

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